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  1. Perform pre- and post- trip maintenance checks. Perform operator services, and record on VIR (Vehicle Inspection Report) status of items checked and accomplished, as well as items requiring higher echelon maintenance.
  2. Maintain the clean, safe operating condition of fleet vehicles to DOT regulations and standards.
  3. Safely operate fleet vehicles within the laws defined by the state of PA or states in which operating.
  4. Safely securing and caring for material on truck to allow for minimal damage.
  5. Maintenance of customer relations in the field, on job sites, at mills/processors, and within the team structure of the company, acting in the best interest of the company at all times.
  6. Know and be familiar with job site safety rules, as well as abide by them. (hard hats, safety glasses, speed limits, etc.)
  7. Perform job in an overtime environment, staying within DOT regulations, as seasonal workloads vary and require extra commitment.
  8. Work safe. Work smart. Conduct self professionally and courteously at all times.
  9. Communicate effectively with Dispatch and Supervisory personnel via land-line, cell phone or radio.
  10. Process and Manage required paperwork accurately, completely and neatly recording times, fuel, oils, mileages and weights. Driver’s Daily Logs as required.
  11. Service 3-6 boxes per shift, depending on distances and disposition of material.
  12. Level and tarp boxes for safe travel prior to transporting.
  13. Prepared to depart from planned operations to “on call” status for high priority missions.
  14. Annotate paperwork regarding out of ordinary events, i.e., DOT stops, flat tires, delay @ mill, etc.
  15. Operate fleet vehicles by “Driving Defensively” and by being alert and proactive in the prevention of accidents and/or “Road Rage"

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