Three Rivers Scrap Metal, Inc.


  1. Geographic Knowledge of the Northeastern US area and its road network.
  2. Knowledge of Shipping and Receiving procedures.
  3. Knowledge of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  4. Ability to safely navigate congested roads and maintain an even temperament.
  5. Ability to project a professional appearance and attitude within the company and to our customers.
  6. Ability to read a map and/or follow written directions.
  7. Requires physical hand/eye coordination to load/unload from vehicle.
  8. Requirement for at least one year driving experience.
  9. Ability to function day to day with minimal supervision, but primarily on information and guidance.
  10. Ability to work overtime, both scheduled and unscheduled, as seasonal needs require, and to stay out overnight as required by the trip/load.


  1. Position requires considerable physical exertion at times, i.e., lifting and climbing.
  2. Work environment results in occasional exposure to extreme levels of temperature, humidity, air pollution, noise pollution, noxious gases, etc. as well as exposure to situations that could result in physical trauma if safety precautions are not precisely followed.
  3. Work consists of routine standard procedures and tasks where simple analytical ability is required to select and execute actions.
  4. All duties and responsibilities may not be included in the above job description.


Tractor Trailer Drivers report to the Dispatcher for assignments and for daily disposition of paperwork. The Plant Manager will generally prepare the shipping papers and direct the loading of the material on site. Instruction will be provided regarding any Back Haul/Return Load.

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