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Yard Jockey is responsive to the Plant Manager regarding the movement and spotting of containers to facilitate the needs of the warehouse in sorting and processing material for shipment or storage. Yard Jockey is responsible for timely movements and thorough knowledge of on-hand inventory and positioning.


  1. Responsible to maintain a neat and orderly storage lot oriented toward maximizing efficiency in servicing the plant needs.
  2. Operate Yard Truck in a safe manner during numerous roll-on/roll-off procedures daily involving loaded and empty containers.
  3. Drive and operate vehicle under 15 mph in and around the plant and storage lot/staging area.
  4. Be cognizant of the reality that the operation is a low mileage severe duty function requiring particular attention to preventive maintenance checks and services as well as actual scheduled vehicle maintenance.
  5. Must be aware that operations occur on asphalt, concrete and gravel surfaces in a hostile environment often contaminated with material subject to embedding in tires.
  6. Responsible for accounting for records involving container numbers, gross weights, tare weights, and net weights on the scale log sheet to include source and type of material.
  7. Must function and interact on a daily basis with plant personnel and comply with plant safety requirements.
  8. Communicate using cellular telephone or 2-way radio with dispatch, operations, and plant personnel.
  9. Security of valuable commodities and the storage area itself are a major area of concern for the Yard Jockey, occasionally requiring guidance from supervisory personnel regarding disposition.
  10. Duties and Tasks as assigned by Management.

Accurate, neat and timely records are of utmost importance to the overall successful operation of the plant and transportation functions.

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